Depeche Mode was in Bucharest, 2013

An estimated 50,000 people were present at National Arena in Bucharest for Depeche Mode’s Delta Machine Tour concert, which was the second arrival of the band in Romania, after their first concert held in 2006.


The show lasted about 2 hours, during which thousands of fans were thrilled and felt the energy of a true legendary band. The first song played was “Welcome to My World“, followed by “Angel” and “Walking in My Shoes“. However, the crowd gone crazy on hits like “Black Celebration“, “Enjoy the Silence” and “Personal Jesus“. In a few words, this concert was one of the greatest concerts held in Bucharest.

The crowd was excited and  cheered each track from the setlist. Thousands of voices singing their favorite lyrics along with the great performance of the band, made the evening perfect.

Even if Depeche Mode was in Romania for the second time, Andy Fletcher have declared that he wants a comeback in the future. This is great news for Romanian fans, which showed that they are able to create an incredible atmosphere, even if the arena was not at full capacity.

“The crowd was great! It was a perfect evening! We should do it again!” – Andy Fletcher

Depeche Mode had to cancel their next concert, in Istanbul, due to circumstances beyond their control. The Bulgarian trucking blockade at the Bulgaria-Turkey border has prevented the band’s production trucks from crossing the border into Turkey, forcing this situation.

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