Labor Day in Romania

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As with many other Eastern European countries, May 1 is celebrated in Romania as an annual holiday dedicated to workers. As one of the biggest secular holidays each year, May 1 usually plays host to countless festivals and varied types of celebrations across the country. Known by the current name of Ziua Muncii, this special day can be traced back to a combination of influences, but its current incarnation is much different. It is still loosely tied to praising workers for their contributions to society at large, but Romanians today feel less of a patriotic connection to the holiday, possibly […]

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Romanian Easter Traditions

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If there is one common thread that unites the people of Romania, it is their religion. An estimated more than 85% of the country belong to the Romanian Orthodox religion and this is easily seen when the whole nation comes together for the celebration of the Easter holiday. It is considered to be the most important religious day of the year, with celebrations all over the country. Known as Paste in Romania, Easter is celebrated according to the Julian calendar, which means that it often falls on a different day than in Catholicism or other Christian faiths. Like many other […]

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Traditional ceramic pottery at Horezu, Romania

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Off the beaten path, the small village of Horezu is a cultural center in Romania that is only now starting to gain the attention it deserves. The biggest sight of the town is a local monastery from 1690 that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. [post_thumbnail] Even though it is considered to be the epitome of the Romanian Bracovenesc architectural style, this monastery is not the reason why most people come to the sleepy village. Instead, it is the pottery and ceramics made here that is the center of attention for most visitors. The Pottery Process The […]

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The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

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Possibly the most criminally overlooked sights in the country of Romania, the painted monasteries found in the Bucovina region near the city of Suceava may be out of the way, but are without a doubt worth the time and effort required to visit them. Located at various points around Suceava, these monasteries showcase the uniquely Romanian style and architecture that can be found nowhere else on the planet. Here’s a rundown of the different monasteries that can be visited. Humor Monastery Built in 1530, the Humor monastery was actually a rebuilding effort to replace an older monastery that dated back […]

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The tradition of Martisor

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The tradition of Martisor is found in countries situated in Eastern Europe, especially Romania and Moldova. Romania holds an ancient tradition regarding Martisor, with archeology evidences of Martisor amulets, older than 8000 years. The event originated from ancient Rome when March was the month of god Marte, protector of the field, herds and which symbolizes the birth of nature. We find the same celebration in ancient world at the tribes of Thracia, which celebrated Marsyas-Silen, the god that invented the whistle, the cult and is the protector of the mother land and vegetation. The celebrations of spring, flowers and natures […]

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