The Danube’s Canyon and the Iron Gates Natural Park

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Even though the Romanian part of the Danube is most known for the bewitching Delta and its variety of birds, there is also another part of great interest and beauty:  the Iron Gate natural park. There we have a great variety of natural and manmade attractions. At the Iron Gates, the Danube forms a canyon that is 134 km long – considered the longest canyon in Europe – its most important parts being the Great Kazan and the Small Kazan. At the Great Kazan, the Danube flows through a narrow gorge, only 150 meters wide and it has a depth […]

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Explore the Wild Danube Delta

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Bran Castle and Sighisoara may get the bulk of attention from visitors to Romania, but there is one gem that is a must-see on any trip to the country. The delta of the Danube River is found mostly in Romania (with a small portion in Ukraine) and offers a completely different experience from anywhere else in the whole of Europe. In planning a trip, at least three days should be allotted for the Danube Delta, but spending a week or more truly discovering the region is an even better decision for travelers that have time to spare. [post_thumbnail] About the […]

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The Transalpina Road, in Romania

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The Transfagarasan Highway may get the lion’s share of visits from driving tourists in Romania due to its winding curves and spectacular sights, but few travelers realize that there is an even higher mountain road just waiting to be explored. Stretching across the Parang Mountains from Novaci to Sebes, National Road 67 has truly earned its nickname of the Transalpina. Also called The King’s Road by Romanian locals in the area, the highway has just recently started to be recognized for the amazing place that it is. [post_thumbnail size=”post_big_thumbnail”] History of the Transalpina The true history of the Transalpina is […]

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Bucegi Mountains, in Romania

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With spectacular peaks and gorgeous scenery, it’s no wonder that the Bucegi Mountains are the most visited range in Romania. In short, the mountains offer something for everyone, even those that are not so inclined to a long hike. The development of the Bucegi area has made it a constant draw, both for tourists as well as locals looking to get out of Bucharest or Brasov for the weekend. Even with a large number of visitors, there is plenty of room for everyone and a great mountain experience can still be found with relative ease. [post_thumbnail] Starting a Bucegi Adventure […]

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Traditional ceramic pottery at Horezu, Romania

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Off the beaten path, the small village of Horezu is a cultural center in Romania that is only now starting to gain the attention it deserves. The biggest sight of the town is a local monastery from 1690 that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. [post_thumbnail] Even though it is considered to be the epitome of the Romanian Bracovenesc architectural style, this monastery is not the reason why most people come to the sleepy village. Instead, it is the pottery and ceramics made here that is the center of attention for most visitors. The Pottery Process The […]

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The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

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Possibly the most criminally overlooked sights in the country of Romania, the painted monasteries found in the Bucovina region near the city of Suceava may be out of the way, but are without a doubt worth the time and effort required to visit them. Located at various points around Suceava, these monasteries showcase the uniquely Romanian style and architecture that can be found nowhere else on the planet. Here’s a rundown of the different monasteries that can be visited. Humor Monastery Built in 1530, the Humor monastery was actually a rebuilding effort to replace an older monastery that dated back […]

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Retezat Mountains, in Romania

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While the Bucegi mountains just south of the city of Brasov have managed to attract attention from visitors, the Retezat mountains in the west of the country are still largely undiscovered by tourists. There is no reasonable explanation and it won’t be long before massive crowds discover what could easily be the best hiking and most gorgeous scenery in all of Romania. Getting to Retezat [post_thumbnail] Part of the reason that the Retezat Mountain range remains undiscovered is the fact that it is not so easy to get to one of the starting trailheads. By train, the best option is […]

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